WhatsShare – Chrome Extension for WhatsApp Web

WhatsShare is a small Chrome extension for WhatsApp Web users. It enables users to easily share current tab, selected text, links and image URLs to WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web runs inside supported browsers like Chrome. In order to use the WhatsShare extension, you need to setup WhatsApp Web first. For this, open web.whatsapp.com in a new tab – and within few seconds – you would be prompted to scan a QR code. Now, open the WhatsApp app on your mobile phone, go to Menu > WhatsApp Web and scan that QR code. For detailed information, refer this link.

How To Use

To begin with WhatsShare, first setup WhatsApp on Chrome as described above. Now install WhatsShare extension from here. It is available for Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers, and should work on every desktop platform where Chrome works including Windows. After successful installation, users should notice its icon on the toolbar.


Click on this toolbar button to share the current tab on WhatsApp Web. First, you would taken to a confirmation page, and then redirected to the WhatsApp Web where you can select the contacts to share with. As on mobile app, you can select multiple contacts here.

whatsapp web chrome desktop

To share selected text snippets, image URLs and links, you need to use extension’s context menu entry. Right click on selected text, images or links – select the Share on WhatsApp option – and the follow the steps as described for the toolbar button.




WhatsShare is a light-weight Chrome extension, and doesn’t require any permission like access to browsing activities etc. It will certainly boost your productivity with WhatsApp. WhatsShare is a must-have Google Chrome extension for WhatsApp users. It works smoothly with Chrome on Windows, and should work fine on other desktop platforms.

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  1. @Gopal: Sorry, this extension supports only text and links. You can share URL of any PDF file, but not the actual file itself using this extension.

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