WhatsApp Launcher for Chrome

“WhatsApp Launcher” is a tiny extension for Google Chrome which places its icon on the toolbar. Click on this toolbar button to quickly launch the WhatsApp Web website in a new tab.

whatsapp web chrome launcher

Similar to my other extensions and apps, this extension is also very minimal, to-the-point and light-weight. It doesn’t require any permission or data access.

It’s better than the boring bookmark to launch the site. So, if you prefer a toolbar button for launching WhatsApp Web, install this extension from the Chrome Web Store.

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How To Use WhatsApp on Chrome or Chromebook?

WhatsApp now offers a web version of its popular messaging app available on Android, iOS and various other mobile platforms. You can access this WhatsApp Web website from any supported browser. To begin, you need to scan the QR code available on this website using the WhatsApp application on your mobile. Here is a helpful video explaining this:

Once you successfully link the WhatsApp Web with the WhatsApp app on your mobile, you can enjoy using WhatsApp on Chrome, Chromebook and other supported browsers and platforms.

Posted by Arpit

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