Chrome 36 Brings Full Support for Web Components

Google today updated Chrome’s stable channel to the version 36 with several bug fixes and improvements, including the Chrome App Launcher on Linux platform. This update also brings full support for Web Components in Chrome stable channel, which means that the developers can finally start using this emerging technology in production, at least for the Chrome users.

The Web Components is a set of four new APIs: Shadow DOM, HTML Imports, Custom Elements and template element. These APIs are going to change the entire front-end development workflow by extending the HTML5 features.


Google has been supporting and promoting Web Components for long. The following two I/O talks by Googler Eric Bidelman explains Web Components in brief:

Apart from Chrome, Firefox team is also working seriously for implementing Web Components support in future builds, and has already shipped support for template tags. Other major browsers, IE and Safari, have limited support for specific APIs, and may fully support Web Components in coming days.

If you are a developer interested in Web Components, here are some resources for you:

(h/t Addy Osmani)

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