Vivaldi Browser from Opera Cofounder Tetzchner

Opera’s cofounder and Ex-CEO Jon von Tetzchner is back in the browser world. His new venture, Vivaldi Technologies, has released a brand new web browser Vivaldi. The Vivaldi browser is a Chromium clone with many customizations and unique built-in features, targeted to the power users.

vivaldi browser

Tetzchner was not happy with the Opera after leaving the company, and was working on Vivaldi project to bring out a better option for the users. Vivaldi runs on Google’s open source Blink rendering engine, but it’s not just another Chrome clone.

Vivaldi has many features inspired by the old Presto-powered Opera browser, like Notes, Speed Dial, Tab Stacks, left sidebar panel etc. It also has some unique features like quick keyboard commands. Vivaldi would add some more exciting features (support for browser extensions, built-in email client similar to old Opera, browsing data sync etc.) in future releases.

A very interesting thing about Vivaldi is that it uses JavaScript and React to create the user interface. The current Technical Preview version of Vivaldi can be downloaded from the it’s website.

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