How To Uninstall Chromebook Apps?

Can’t figure out how to remove a certain app from your Chromebook or other ChromeOS device? Here is a helpful guide on uninstalling installed apps on Chromebook.

There could be several reasons to uninstall applications on a Chromebook device. You may want to remove pre-installed apps just because you are not sure to use them in future. You may want to free up system memory by removing apps. On Windows, Linux and Mac, you can see all installed apps and their properties right from a special Apps page (type chrome://apps/ in the address bar and hit enter key). This Apps page is not accessible on ChromeOS devices, may be because Google wants you to use the App Launcher.

Uninstall Apps on Chromebooks

As said earlier, on non-ChromeOS systems, you can access all installed apps through the Apps page. You right click on any app’s icon and perform many tasks from the appeared context menu, like Removing (uninstalling) this app, creating desktop & taskbar shortcuts, and see app info. This Apps page is not accessible on ChromeOS, so you can see all apps using the App Launcher.

Open the App Launcher of Chromebook, right click on any app icon and you would get the same context menu. Now, choose the option to uninstall the app from Chromebook, as shown in the following screenshot:

uninstall chromebook app


The App Launcher lists both types of Chrome apps, packaged applications and website launchers. A small arrow in the bottom left corner of app icon indicates that the corresponding app is just a website launcher and not a packaged app.

Alternate Method

If you have a non-Chrome OS device (running on Windows, Linux or Mac), open the chrome://apps page on it. You should see all installed apps here if you have signed in using the same Google Account. Now, right click on any app icon, and choose the uninstall option in the appeared menu. This uninstallation would be synchronized with your Chrome OS device.


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9 Responses

  1. Liz Armstrong says:

    This did not work on my Acer Chromebook, and believe me – I tried many, many times. All right-click does is open the app.

  2. Denise says:

    didn’t work on mine either!

  3. Alina says:

    DId not work on mine as well. Can you finally give solution for Asus C300?

  4. Jennifer says:

    ditto – on an Acer it just launches the app

  5. Arpit Kumar says:

    @Alina and @Jennifer: Please right click on app icon (tap the touchpad with two fingers simultaneously)

  6. Joan says:

    Didnt work on mine either. I tried Arpit Kumars advise above, that didnt work either.

  7. lee martin says:

    post something that will work

  8. Erik says:

    it does work with 2 fingers douple tap fast and a small white list will have uninstall as 3rd option

  9. Will says:

    I couldn’t get this to work either when I 2-finger clicked in the icon in the app launcher, BUT, try doing the 2-finger click on the app name, not the icon. Then I got the drop down list to uninstall.

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