Share on Twitter for Firefox

The “Share on Twitter” extension for Mozilla Firefox is a useful and light-weight extension for Twitter users. You can use this extension to share current tab, links and selected text on directly, without any authorization or third-party access.

How To Use

Install the extension from this link. Once installed successfully, you can notice its icon on the browser toolbar, as shown below:

use the toolbar button to share current tab

Click this button to share the current tab on Twitter. Alternatively, you can share the current tab using the context menu options or Firefox’s Tools menu option.

context menu option
option in Tools menu
option on the tabs bar
option on the tabs bar

Share Links or Selected Text

Right click on any link or selected text snippets, and select the option in the appeared context menu to share that on Twitter.

share highlighted text
share links

Change Options

By default, this extension launches sharing link in a popup window. But, if you like, you can opt to open the sharing link in a new tab. To set this option, right click on extension’s toolbar button and select “Manage Extension”.

right click on the icon, select Manage Extension

This should launch extension’s entry on the Add-on Manager. Move to Options tab as shown in the following screenshot, and select your choice from the dropdown menu. You can also refer this article for detailed information.


Chrome Extension?

We offer a similar extension for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and other Chromium-based browsers. Visit this page for more information.

If you have any feedback or suggestion regarding the “Share on Twitter” Firefox add-on, feel free to leave a comment below. You can also join us on Twitter, our Twitter handle is @BrowserNative.

3 thoughts on “Share on Twitter for Firefox”

  1. Hi, just a small, humble suggestion: after a page is shared via this extension, the pop-up window should immediately close when it is done.

    Otherwise, thank you for this extension. I needed to share a Reddit thread to Twitter in Mozilla Firefox web browser on my PC but the website, obviously a social media competitor to Twitter, did not have a way to share it directly there. I appreciate it very much.

  2. This extension is fantastic, it’s just what I needed!

    One feature it needs: it’s not aware of Firefox containers, or what container it’s in. If I click or right-click on “Share on Twitter” inside a container, it opens a tweet from the default container. This would make it even better and smoother.

    Thanks again 🙂

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