Select Default Browser on iPhone and iPad

Users can now ditch Safari and choose a third-party browser – like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser – as their default browsing app on iPhones and iPads.

Full Page Screenshots in Chrome and Edge Browsers

fullpage-screenshot chrome devtools

How to capture full page screenshots in Chrome, Edge and other browsers? Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers like Microsoft Edge already have a built-in feature to capture screenshots of the entire web page, visible area, or selected area.

Mozilla VPN goes stable, Available on Windows, Android and iOS

mozilla vpn

Mozilla has launched its full-fledged VPN application after the limited public beta testing. The Mozilla VPN is now available in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, and Malaysia. It currently supports Windows, Android, ChromeOS, iOS, and iPadOS platforms.

Use Extensions in Incognito Mode

Allow extensions in the incognito mode browsing of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. In Firefox, incognito mode is termed as “Private Browsing” mode. While in Microsoft Edge, the incognito mode is termed as “InPrivate Browsing” mode.

Incognito This Tab Firefox Extension


Incognito This Tab is a useful extension for Mozilla Firefox browser. It enables users to quickly open the current tab URL in an incognito mode (called as Private Browsing mode in Firefox), and removes it from the browsing history. Install it from Mozilla Add-on gallery. How To Use Once you have installed it successfully, you … Read more

Manually Update Chrome and Firefox Extensions

update chrome extensions

Just like any other software or app, browser extension developers also release newer versions of their extensions. If you have installed your extension from the official extension gallery of your browser, like Chrome’s Web Store and Firefox’s AMO, it would update automatically in the background. Whenever an extension developer releases a new version to your … Read more