Simple Privacy Settings

The Simple Privacy Settings is a Chrome privacy and security extension. It is the easiest way to control your browser’s privacy and security settings.

Install The Extension

This extension is available for Google Chrome browser, and users can install it from this Chrome Web Store page. Users of other Chromium-based browsers like Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, Brave and Opera can also install and use this extension from the above link. We are trying hard to release it for other browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Pin on Toolbar

Once you have installed it successfully, you need to pin its icon on the toolbar. Check: How to pin Chrome extension on the toolbar?

Pinning the icon is required only for the Google Chrome. Users of other browsers will notice its icon immediately on the toolbar.

How To Use

Once you have the extension icon on the browser toolbar, as shown in the above screenshot, you are ready to use the Simple Privacy Settings extension.

Click on this icon to launch the extension page, where you can find all the options offered by it.

Nothing complicated, just select or deselect any setting to enable or disable it.

The Simple Privacy Settings extension enables user to easily configure following browser settings:

  1. Delete All Cookies on exit
  2. Turn on Do Not Track
  3. Block Camera Access
  4. Block Location Access
  5. Block Microphone Access
  6. Block Notification Prompts
  7. Turn off Network Prediction
  8. Turn off Ping, Beacon and CSP report requests
  9. Disable Images
  10. Disable Web Font Requests
  11. Turn off Auto-fill in forms (name, address, credit card etc.)
  12. Turn off suggestions in the Omnibox (address bar)
  13. Don’t use web service to help correct spellings
  14. Don’t send Client-Hints Headers
  15. Set Accept-Language HTTP Header to en-US
  16. Block JavaScript
  17. Block Third-party Cookies
  18. Disable HTTP Referer Headers

Understand Privacy Settings

Delete All Cookies on Exit

Enable this option to delete all cookies when you exit Chrome. While cookies are essential for functional websites, these are often used for tracking users. You can enable this option to ensure that Chrome deletes all saved cookies when you close it.

Important: This would also log-out you from all the websites. So enable this option with a little caution.

Turn on Do Not Track

When you enable the “Do Not Track” feature, Chrome will send an additional HTTP header (DNT: 1) with all web requests. This tells websites that you don’t want to be tracked. Well, it is upto the websites to honour your this request, so don’t expect much here.

Block Camera and Microphone Access

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  1. works as expected in Google Chrome on Windows, but fails to override some settings in Edge browser

  2. Thanks for this superb addon. Wish it has a whitelist for certain sites like youtube, who withou java refuse to work properly, at all.

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