Check Your Public IP Address on Chrome and Chromebook

If you are looking for a simple solution to check your public IP address in Google Chrome browser, here is a tiny extension for you. This extension, Show My IP, places its icon on the browser toolbar. When a user clicks on this button, a popup appears with the public IP address information, as shown in the following screenshot.

I’ve developed this extension for personal use, and it should be useful for many of you as well. You can also visit this link to checkout your public IP address, browser’s User-Agent string and Do-Not-Track settings.

Another cool thing about this web app is that it also detects and shows X-Forwarded-For HTTP Header information, if present in the request. This HTTP Header is generally used for requests through a proxy.

check ip address

For example, if you are using a proxy browser like Opera Mini, or using bandwidth management/compression feature of Chrome on Android, the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header would be present in your requests, which is your actual IP address.

Install the Show My IP extension from Chrome web store. It works perfectly on Windows, Linux, Mac and ChromeOS (Chromebooks).

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