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The “Share on Twitter Plus” extension enables users to easily share web pages on Twitter using extension’s button on the browser toolbar, keyboard command (Alt + T) or option in the context menu. It has several cool features:

  • It automatically inserts Twitter handles of website and creator of the web page. This works only when the website provides these information using Twitter Card.


  • By default, the sharing link opens in a popup window. Users can change this, and set sharing links to open in a new tab. (See this video for the steps)


  • After successful completion, the sharing popup window or tab closes automatically.
  • If a website provides shortlink, this extension uses that.
  • Use toolbar button, keyboard shortcut Alt + T or the option in the context menu (right click menu).


Users can install “Share on Twitter Plus” from here.

Note: After installing this extension, reload all opened tabs or restart the browser.

This extension doesn’t use any third-party URL shortening service, because Twitter already offers its own link shortening service ( You can track clicks and other related data using Twitter’s Analytics service for free. Hence, you don’t need any third-party link shortening service now.

A similar extension for Facebook users, Facebook Share Button, is also available. If you have any feedback, leave a comment below or tweet us at @BrowserNative.

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Posted by Arpit Gupta

Arpit maintains several browser-based tools including many popular extensions. Follow him on Twitter, or email at

16 Responses

  1. @FMShyanguya says:

    Thank you Arpit!

  2. Niraj says:

    Excellent article, Arpit. This extension saves you all the time spent on shifting tabs and copy-pasting. Thanks, Niraj (Founder at

  3. Payro says:

    Thanks for this little extension, it saves me a lot of clicking and typing 🙂

  4. Aman Dutta says:

    one of the best extensions available for Chrome browser. I really liked that it doesn’t need any permission like user’s browsing history or access to even the website.

    simple and straight-forward. Thanks.

  5. Fabio says:

    how should I configure the extension ‘Share on Twitter’ so it can shorten the URLs and tweet pictures? Both things doesn’t work at all.

  6. Arpit says:

    @Fabio: URL shortening is not required as now Twitter automatically shortens all links using its own service. You can check out clicks and other related data by visiting

    This extension doesn’t posts images, but their links.

  7. John says:

    nice, though twitter account switching would be a useful feature

  8. shoqvalue says:

    1) Twitter Share Plus doesn’t work at all in most recent chrome. It installs, then nothing. context menu or button. twitter Share works fine.
    2) Share on Twitter in firefox doesn’t work at all. The installer says it’s installed, but it’s not in the add on list.

    Is this something you’re aware of and plant to fix, or must I just go back to some other share app?

  9. Ron Henry says:


    Thanks for this plugin. Is there a way to share a picture, but instead of pasting the URL of the image, actually upload it to Twitter? It’s the same behaviour when you share a picture from an android device, thanks!

  10. Arpit Kumar says:

    @Ron: it would require user authentication, and would make the extension too complex. That’s why we have not implemented this feature

  11. Judy says:

    Can you add a quote, as in a quote retweet

  12. Damien says:

    Right-clic to tweet doesn’t appears anymore. What gives? 🙁

  13. Selen says:

    It was been good but not working lately,

  14. ferypratama0227 says:

    I like share on twitter plus. thanks all.

  15. C says:

    I have Share on twitter and Share on twitter plus on Chrome. It seems they do 2 different things. I wish they could be combined.

    If I select my own text and hit share selection then after sharing the pop up window does not close and I WISH IS DID.

    If I don’t select text and just want to share the whole page, alt + T does that and the pop up disappears. Great.

    Now if you could only make a SHARE TO GAB OR

  16. greek Statue says:

    Hello, love your extension share on twitter plus!
    Would it be possible to add an option to share only selected text or the photo (even just its link) on a website?

    Other extensions allow that but they are much worse than yours on every aspect.
    It would be great if this could be added!

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