Add Your Favorite Site To Share Tools

This tutorial will explain you the steps to add your favorite website to the Share Tools extension. We assume that you have successfully installed the Share Tools extension. If not, please install it from this link.

If you have installed it successfully, you can notice its icon on the toolbar as shown in the following screenshot:


To add your website, follow these steps:

  • Click on the extension icon, which should open its pop-up panel as shown above.
  • Now, click on the last (gear or wheel) icon.
  • This should launch the options page of the extension. Here, you can set two options for the extension: change the default opening behavior and add a custom website.
  • To add a new website or service, you must provide a valid template in the input box. You can find many valid templates on this page. Detailed list is available on this link.
  • For example, if you want to add Flipboard, you need to copy the line #24 and paste in the input box. This would be:
  • The extension supports only url and title parameters, so remove any other parameter present.
  • After pasting the code, save the settings. Now, this added site would be available with the Share Tools extension. You can use it from the second last button of the panel, shown in the following screenshot:

Site Not In List?

If any popular favorite website or service is not in this list, we guess that it doesn’t provide sharing links in the supported manner. For other sites, you can contact us at, or leave a comment below.

Remove Unused Buttons


If you want to remove few supported sites from the extension’s popup, you can disable such sites from extension’s options page. To open options page, click on the last gear icon. Here you can easily enable or disable sites. Icons of disabled sites don’t appear in the popup.

29 thoughts on “Add Your Favorite Site To Share Tools”

  1. Is there a way to set more than one custom one? I use several sites, but none of the ones you have as default [Mastodon, Friendica, GNU Social, Soapbox, LiveJournal, FTP(s)]

  2. Thanks for this. Can we have one for Is there a way to find the correct format for the string at the site itself?

  3. For Mastodon:


    Replace instance-URL with your Mastodon server’s hostname, like

    For server:{title}%20{url}

  4. How about adding Mastodon? There would have to be a field for one to add their or whatever server their account was on.

  5. Please add I’m really surprised you have Pinboard, but not Diigo. I would have expected just the opposite.

  6. @Clarence: Email is built-in.

    Format for SMS/message to any phone number:


    I’m not sure how it would work on desktop platforms.

  7. What is the format share: to message, Phone Number or Email address?

    You time is appreciated.

  8. This is very helpful extension. I have just one request, please add telegram to your extension. Share to Telegram button would be a great addition.

  9. @Melissa: the current version of the extension can add only one custom site. I would definitely consider adding an option to add more sites in future versions.

  10. I’m looking for a share to SharePoint (creates a SharePoint news post). I can share from Twitter to SharePoint, so assume its available.

  11. @EuroQueen: looks like doesn’t offer required sharing feature.

    (PS: their official extensions don’t work anymore)

  12. Can you please give me a way to add Gab? I don’t understand why nobody gives us these, I know, they’re persona non grata now but some people DO use these sites.

  13. Share to Microsoft Teams? I tried to figure out how to build a custom share to Teams button, but that’s a little beyond me. This would be a great option for the newest Edge.

  14. hello,
    I cannot see instructions,
    how can I add pushbullet and pushover?

    or, if I can’t, any chance you add them?

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