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The Share on Twitter is a privacy-friendly and lightweight browser extension for Twitter users. It is available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and other Chromium-based browsers. It enables users to easily share the current tab, links and selected text on Twitter.

How To Use


Install it from this Chrome Web Store page. Once installed successfully, you can use its button on the browser toolbar or option in the context menu (right click menu) to share the current tab.

option in the context menu (right click menu)

Keyboard Shortcut

Users can also use the keyboard shortcut Alt + T to share the current tab on Twitter. If this keys combination is not working for you, or you want to change it due to conflicts with other actions, follow this tutorial for changing the provided keyboard command.


Share Text Snippets and Links

Users can share text snippets using this extension. Highlight any text snippet and right click on it, then select the option “Share selection on Twitter”. The extension will automatically add URL of the current page to the selection, so that your Twitter followers can find the source page.


To share any link on Twitter, just right click on it and select the option “Share link on Twitter”.


Change Preferences

By default, this extension launches the sharing link in a new popup window. Users can change this preference and opt to open the sharing link in a new tab. To change this setting, right click on extension’s icon on the toolbar and select “Options”, as shown in the following screenshot:

chrome extension change options

This should open the options page of the extension. Here, you can opt to open the sharing link either in a new popup window or in a new tab. Select your preference from the available dropdown menu.



The Share on Twitter (earlier named as TweetRight) is a basic, light-weight and privacy friendly extension. It directly connects users to the, without requiring any authorization or intermediate service.

It doesn’t use any third-party URL shortening service, because Twitter already offers its own link shortening service ( Users can track clicks and other related data using Twitter’s Analytics service for free. Hence, you don’t need any third-party link shortening or analytics service now.

This extension doesn’t ask for any permission like access to your browsing history or modifying site contents.

The Share on Twitter extension has been appreciated by Google Chrome team, Opera team, and various others.

Firefox Add-on?

We have created Firefox version of this extension, which is based on WebExtensions APIs and offers almost similar features. See this page for more information.

If you like this tiny extension, please rate it 5-stars on the Chrome Web Store. For any feedback or suggestion, leave a comment below, or email us at Also, checkout our other extensions for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

18 thoughts on “Share on Twitter Extension”

  1. I do like this but it has one drawback for me. Scenario: The user (me!) clicks the browser extension to share a web page via Twitter. User carefully makes all sorts of changes to default text, including tags and so on to create a tweet with maximum communication impact. Then uses the schedule facility. and Confirms scheduled time – at which point tweet reverts tod default text and the changes are lost. Maybe this is a Twitter issue, maybe the extension? Work-round is to schedule default, then edit it, but user doesn’t always remember – quite frustrating!

  2. Your ext works well thanks. When I send to twitter it creates that nice little frame /box around the tweet but no picture. Is there a trick to get a image profile pic etc everytime?

  3. I’ve been using this app for ages and found it really useful. But over the past week it just opens a blank pop-up window and doesn’t link to twitter at all.

    I’m on FF81.0.2 on windows 10

  4. last update only works if the “Vivaldi” browser has been restarted. after 10 minutes no popup window opens.

  5. This was working Great with my VPN until this week – Twitter is changing its TOS so much I cant use this unless I unclick my VPN . I love this app I hope i can get a solution TY and god bless

  6. I use this extension to immediately send any text selection via twitter, via contextual menu, in a direct and simple way. It is irreplaceable for those who use a lot of twitter.

  7. @Arpit: Thank you but I don’t use Chrome as my default browser. Use Firefox. Thank you for trying and letting me know about the Chrome extension.

  8. Great addon. What I still would like is: open up with an empty edit box. Oftenly I just want fire a tweet but then I don’t need the initial text in the edit box.

  9. Always liked the Twitter extension, but the one installed recently no longer closes itself after clicking the Tweet button like it use to do. Maybe I have different extension. Don’t know.

    Tried extension a few moments ago. This time the “Close” button was not active. Had to close popup window from “X”, upper-right.

    Using latest version of Firefox (55.0.3 64-bit) on Windows 10 (latest version, too)

    Be nice if I knew solution to these problems.

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