Save Webpages Offline As MHTML

The Save Webpages Offline As MHTML is a very small but useful extension for Google Chrome and other supported browsers. Users can install it from this link and start saving web pages offline as MHTML file.

How To Use?

Once you have installed it from the above link, you should notice its icon on the toolbar. Click on this toolbar button, and extension would save the current tab as MHTML file on your computer.

chrome mhtml

Alternatively, you can also use extension’s keyboard shortcut command: Alt + S. Make sure this keys combination doesn’t conflict with any other extension or system command on your computer. You can always change this combination and set a different keys combination by following this tutorial.


MHTML is a file format to archive web pages. When you save an online web page to your computer, its components like CSS files, images etc. are generally saved in a folder which is linked with the saved HTML document. But with MHTML, all such components are combined and saved as a single MHTML file along with the HTML document. This simplifies managing and sharing saved web pages. MHTML files can be opened by  Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and many other browsers. Firefox doesn’t support this file format. Read more about MHTML on Wikipedia.

chrome mhtml

This Save Webpages offline As MHTML extension is very useful if you are looking for a simple and quick way to save offline copies of web pages. You can take backup of these saved MHTML files on cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive – and refer them in future if required. This extension is highly recommended for students, researchers, developers and other professionals.

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Posted by Arpit Gupta

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5 Responses

  1. dalieba says:

    Can you port to Firefox Quantum?

  2. Arpit says:

    AFAIK Firefox doesn’t support MHTML files.

  3. kesh says:

    thank you for the good job, it works perfectly, and perhaps i should add that if you want to convert the mhtml back to html, just open it in microsoft word and save it as html

  4. nasa says:

    Awesome Extention for saving web pages in a single file for offline use … Keep it on

  5. Drako Drakkonis says:

    Excellent extension!

    Thank you very much.

    I was using “Save As MHTML” but I found out that “Save Webpages Offline As MHTML” also includes the page headline and the date and hour of MHT downloading. It’s great!

    What a pity that you can not make a version for Firefox ( which had the formidable “Mozilla Archive Format” and now in Quantum only supports the pathetic “Save Page We” ); and I think too it’s a horrible shame that Microsoft has not implemented something similar to “Save Webpages Offline As MHTML” for its browser Edge: Why to develop a good browser if it does not allow the user to save in an efficient way pages of the website?

    Please, do not faint in your magnificent work spirit.

    For now and forever I wish you the best successes.

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