Bitcoin Price Tracker Extension

The Bitcoin Price Tracker is a tiny browser extension for Google Chrome, which helps users to easily find real time Bitcoin price. The Bitcoin price data is provided by CoinDesk – a leading news and information portal on digital currencies including Bitcoin.

To start using this extension, install it from this link on Chrome Web Store. Once installed successfully, you can use it by clicking on its toolbar icon or the keyboard shortcut command Alt + B. The real time Bitcoin price would be shown as a notification box, where you can find link to disclaimer information and extension settings.

bitcoin usd tracker extension

By default, the Bitcoin Price Tracker shows price value in United States Dollars (USD), but you can change this from the Settings. Other supported currencies are Euro (EUR) and Great Britain Pound (GBP). We may add support for other currencies in future.

bitcoin price tracker options

Moreover, the extension shows price notification every time you launch the Chrome. This can be turned off from extension’s settings as shown in the above screenshot.

This extension is for information purposes only, and users should verify the pricing details from their own sources before taking any decision. The Bitcoin Price Tracker extension doesn’t track or log users’ activities. The request sent to CoinDesk are subjected to their privacy policies.

If you have any feedback or suggestion, email us at or leave a comment below. Explore our other browser extensions.

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2 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    GBP is showing same price as USD

  2. Arpit says:

    @Alex: Thanks for reporting, it has been fixed and updated version will be available shortly.

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