Quick QR Code

The Quick QR Code is a light-weight and privacy-friendly QR code generator browser extension for Google Chrome, new Microsoft Edge and other supported web browsers. Users can use it to generate QR codes for current tab’s URL, web links and selected text. Install it from Chrome Web Store or Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store.

How To Use

This extension offers a keyboard shortcut command: Alt + Q. Use it to generate the QR code for the current tab. You can also use the extension’s icon on the browser toolbar for the same task. The generated QR code would appear in a popup as shown in following screenshot. You can scan this QR code using any supported application on your mobile phone.

QR Code Generator

Users can click on the “Open in new tab” link in the popup window to open the QR code in a new individual tab. You can download the generated QR code as PNG image from here.

qr code chrome extension

QR Code for Selected Text and Links

Select any text snippet and right click on it. This would show a context menu with the option “Quick QR Code” as shown in the following screenshot. Click on this option to generate the QR code for that selected text. When you scan this QR code using any supported app, you can copy the selected text, and then use on your mobile device. This could be the fastest way to transfer text data from computer to mobile.


Similarly, you can right click on images and links, and select the corresponding option in the context menu to generate QR codes easily.

quick qr code

Privacy Friendly

The Quick QR Code extension doesn’t use any third-party service for generating QR codes. It works offline and generates QR codes on the fly without requiring internet connectivity. It doesn’t record any browsing or usage data. Its default keyboard command is Alt + Q, but if you want to change this to some other keys combination, follow this guide.

If you like this tiny extension, please rate it 5-stars on Chrome Web Store. For any feedback or suggestion, leave a comment below or email us at browsernative.apps@gmail.com. Explore our other extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and other browsers.

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  1. best qr code maker extension for google chrome. great job, thanks for creating and maintaining this extension.

  2. Hello, I like your extension and it’s useful for me, but I can not create a QR code with the text in Russian. The extension creates QR code with Russian text incorrectly.

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