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The Create New is a useful lightweight extension for Google Chrome and other supported browsers. It enables users to quickly create new documents, files or pages on certain web apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Microsoft Word Online etc.

create new chrome extension

How To Use?

Install the Create New extension from this Chrome Web Store link. After successful installation, pin its icon on the Chrome toolbar (not required for other browsers like Microsoft Edge). For this, click on the puzzle icon as click the pin button as shown in the following screenshot:

pin chrome extension on the toolbar

Now, whenever you need to create a new document or page, click the extension’s icon, and then click on the desired web app’s icon in the appeared popup:


Supported Web Apps

Currently, this extension supports these actions:

  • Gmail: compose a new email
  • Google Docs: create a new document
  • Google Sheets: create a new spreadsheet
  • Google Slides: create a new presentation
  • Google Meet: start a new meeting
  • Google Calendar: create a new event
  • Google Drawings: create a new drawing
  • Google Keep: create a new note
  • Microsoft Word Online: create a new word document
  • Microsoft Excel Online: create a new excel spreadsheet
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Online: create a new presentation
  • Dashlane: generate a new strong password using Dashlane’s online tool
  • Glitch: create a new website on Glitch
  • GitHub Gist: create a new gist
  • Google Jamboard: create a new jam file

Use Multiple Google Accounts

If you use multiple Google accounts simultaneously in the same browser context, you can opt to use your primary, secondary, or third account with this extension. This option is available on the extension’s settings page (click on the last gear icon in the popup to open this page). This option works with Google Workspace accounts as well.

multiple google account support

For example, if you use two Google accounts, and, simultaneously in the same browser, you can choose which one to use with this extension. This option applies to all Google services, including Gmail and Google Meets.

Keyboard Commands

For keyboard command lovers, this extension offers three shortcut commands:

  • Google Docs – Alt + Shift + D
  • Google Sheets – Alt + Shift + S
  • Google Slides- Alt + Shift + P

You can customize these keys combinations by following this article.

If you like this extension, then please rate it 5-stars on Chrome Web Store. Have any feedback or question? Please send it to, or leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Create New Extension”

  1. Glad to see it supports multiple Google Workspace accounts hosted on custom domain apart from the regular Google ( account. This is very helpful, now my daily driver extension. Thanks

  2. What a useful extension! Works great for Office Online apps like online version of Microsoft Word.

    I use my school Microsoft account, and this extension takes directly to new Word document. Super useful, I use it like 5-10 times everyday. Thanks.

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