Quick Compose for Gmail

The Quick Compose for Gmail is a useful extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. It is a very productive tool for Gmail and Google Workspace (G Suite) users. Install it for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

How To Use?

Once you have successfully installed the Quick Compose for Gmail extension, you can notice its icon on the browser toolbar as shown in the following screenshot. If you have installed many extensions, this icon may be hidden in the browser menu. You can drag the icon to the toolbar if you prefer.


Now, you have two ways to use this extension: Use the above toolbar button, or the keyboard shortcut Alt + C. This would launch the Gmail compose panel in a new tab. You can now start composing your email.

Set Options

The extension allows users to automatically pre-fill recipients, CC and BCC addresses, subject and email body fields. To set these settings, open extension’s option panel and enter your choices.




You can enter multiple recipient addresses (or cc and bcc addresses) separated by commas. The subject field can be pre-filled with either a custom text or the title of current tab. Similarly, the email body can be pre-filled with the current date & time, current tab’s URL & title or a custom text.

Email Selected Text

The Quick Compose extension also enables users to quickly email selected text on any web page. For this feature, select the text content and right click on it. This would open a context menu with extension’s option as shown in the following screenshot. Click on the extension’s entry in the context menu, which would launch the Gmail compose panel with the selected text as the content (or body) of the email.


Supports Multiple Accounts

As you know, Google allows users to login up to five accounts simultaneously. This makes it possible to use your multiple Gmail and Google Workspace accounts simultaneously.

The Quick Compose for Gmail extension supports this feature, and you can specify the account to compose emails using this extension. By default, it uses the primary account (first logged-in account), and you can change this from the extension’s options panel.

If you like this extension, must rate it 5-stars on Chrome Store. Have any feedback or suggestion regarding this extension? Leave a comment below or email us at browsernative.apps@gmail.com.

3 thoughts on “Quick Compose for Gmail”

  1. Won’t actually let me use any email other than the default. Have changed setting multiple times.

  2. Thanks for this extension. Now, I can specifically email using my second Google workspace account without messing up my other G suite accounts.

  3. great email marketing tool! A hidden gem.

    I have added all my clients to the BCC option of this extension, and it makes sharing web data very easy. I’m also using email templates in Gmail, but this extension has added another layer of productivity. Thanks for making it.

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