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Discover cool browser extensions, web based utilities, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), bookmarklets and other tools developed by BrowserNative. Extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other supported web browsers.



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Save Webpages Offline As MHTML

Save web pages offline and access them without internet. Save Webpages Offline As MHTML enables you to easily and quickly save an offline copy of current web page to your computer.

Share on Twitter for Firefox

The “Share on Twitter” extension for Mozilla Firefox is a useful and light-weight extension for Twitter users. You can use this extension to share current tabs, links and selected text on directly, without...

Click and Clean Chrome Extension

Click and Clean deletes browsing history, saved cookies, downloads history, cached files, saved forms data, plug-ins’ data along with websites’ App Caches, local storage data, indexedDB, WebSQL and file systems data.

Insert Snippet in Gmail

It enables users to quickly insert a text or HTML snippet into the email body while composing emails in Gmail.

Quick Compose for Gmail

A very productive browser extension for Gmail and G Suite (Google Apps for Work) users. Launch Gmail compose panel in a new fullscreen window with pre-filled recipient, CC and BCC addresses, Subject and Email body. Gmail email template & canned responses.

Urban Dictionary Word of the Day

The Urban Dictionary Word of the Day extension send daily notifications for the Word of the Day entry on It is a browser extension for Google Chrome and other supported browsers.

‘Open Online Office Files’ Extension

The “Open Online Office Files” extension for Google Chrome browser enables users to easily open online and public Office format files (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) using Microsoft’s Office Online tool. This extensions works with Chrome on Windows, Linux and Mac.