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Discover cool browser extensions, web based utilities, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), bookmarklets and other tools developed by BrowserNative. Extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other supported web browsers.



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User-Agent Switcher Extension

The User-Agent Switcher is a tiny browser extension to easily change the default User Agent string of the browser. It supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and should work fine with other Chromium-based browsers. Install this...

Mozilla Firefox Extensions

Install useful Firefox addons from BrowserNative: Close and Forget This Tab,, SiteTools, Mail My Tabs, Close All Tabs, Feedly Subscribe Button, Quick Compose for Gmail, Incognito This Tab, Share on Twitter.

Close and Forget This Tab

“Close and Forget This Tab” extension closes the current tab and deletes the URL from the browsing history.

Incognito This Tab Firefox Extension

Incognito This Tab is a useful extension for Mozilla Firefox browser. It enables users to quickly open the current tab URL in an incognito mode (called as Private Browsing mode in Firefox), and removes...

Microsoft Edge Extensions

Install Microsoft Edge extensions by BrowserNative. Close All Tabs, User-Agent Switcher, Incognito This Tab, Mail My Tabs, QR Code, Share Tools, SiteTools.

Close All Tabs Extension

Close all open tabs in Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers. Close pinned tabs and incognito tabs. Use keyboard command to close all tabs in Chrome desktop.

Share on Twitter for Firefox

You can use this extension to share current tab, links and selected text on directly, without any authorization or third-party access.

Mail My Tabs

Mail My Tabs is a browser extension to quickly email all open tab URLs to yourself or anyone else. Available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

Quick QR Code

Quick QR Code is the best Chrome extension to generate QR codes for web pages, links, images and selected text. Works offline.

SiteTools Extension

SiteTools browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. One click access to Alexa, SimilarWeb, WhatsMyDNS, SEMrush, Lighthouse,, GTMatrix, PageSpeed Insights, Wayback Machine etc.