prefer: safe HTTP Header in Google Chrome

prefer: safe is a proposed HTTP Header by Mozilla, Microsoft and few other organizations. It is aimed to be a simple and effective way to filter out online contents unsuitable for children. Although, it is up to the websites to respect this preference similar to Do-Not-Track, we hope to see major industry acceptance for it in coming days.

Google is yet to announce support for prefer HTTP header in Chrome browser, may be because it is too early to implement it.

I’ve created a small extension to bring support for prefer: safe HTTP header in Chrome. As, there is no way to detect operating system level parental control settings in Chrome through extension APIs, my extension sends prefer HTTP header with every web request irrespective of operating system level settings. Just to remind you here, according to the above proposal by Mozilla, browsers would send prefer HTTP header only if the parental control is enabled on the operating system level. You can install my extension from Chrome Web Store here.


To test your prefer HTTP header setting, visit this page which detects and confirms it along with several other browser/network preferences like User-Agent string, Do-Not-Track setting, HTML5 Geo-location and public IP address. Alternatively, you can check your outgoing HTTP headers using Chrome’s Dev Tools as shown in the above screenshot.

The prefer HTTP header is currently an experimental project, and websites are yet to support it. If you are looking for an effective Parental Control feature for Chrome browser and Chromebooks, check out the Supervised Users feature.


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