Chrome’s Print Dialog Added Paper Size Option

Google Chrome recently added a new feature which allows users to select paper size while printing any web page using the browser’s print dialog. This addition is quite useful for the users, specially those on Chromebooks (ChromeOS), as there was no system print settings available.

chrome print settings

Users can choose their paper size preference from the available standard options like A4, A3, Letter, Legal, Tabloid etc. This setting appears on Chrome’s native print panel when a user tries to print any page.

This change has just landed to the Chromium builds, and should arrive to the regular stable versions of Chrome in coming weeks.

(via Francois Beaufort)


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Article published on June 2, 2014, Last updated on .

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3 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Legal is not offered once you select a printer. Only for PDF. That’s a big problem.

  2. Rosemary Morgan says:

    How do I set the default printer to A4 instead of US letter please?

  3. Judy Prime-Sayles says:

    my printer wont print withut me saving to document first help please

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