Open Recently Closed Tabs in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox

Closed a tab accidentally and want to recover it? Most of the internet browsers have option to easily recover the recently closed tabs. Users of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge,  Firefox, Opera and other leading web browsers can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + T to quickly restore the most recently closed tab. Using this key combination once again will restore the second last closed tab and so on.

Just to remind you here, CTRL + T is the keyboard shortcut to open a new tab. When you use SHIFT key along with this, you restore the recently closed tabs. These keyboard shortcuts are supported by most of the browsers.

Apart from using the above keyboard shortcut, one can also see the list of recently closed tabs. Chrome users can access this list and reopen any tab by visiting the Menu > ‘History and recent tabs’ as shown in the following screenshot.

open recent closed tab

Chrome users can also reopen the tabs open on other connected devices, if they are using the data synchronization feature of Chrome.

Another way of reopening the closed tab is to use your browsing history. In most browsers, one can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + H to access the browsing history.


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  1. Anuj says:

    how to re-open closed tabs on android browser? any trick other than re-opening from history??

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