The Only HTML is a new browser extension for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and other supported browsers. When the user activates this extension, it allows only the HTML content (along with inline styles and inline images) to load, and blocks other content types such as JavaScript, images, videos, web fonts etc.

Why Use This Extension?

By blocking non-essential content such as ads, scripts, and web fonts, the extension can improve the loading speed of web pages and reduce the amount of data transferred over the network. This can be particularly useful for people with slower internet connections, limited data plans, or who simply want a more streamlined browsing experience.

In addition, the extension can also improve privacy and security by preventing certain types of malicious content from loading, such as scripts that could potentially execute harmful code or tracking cookies that could be used to monitor the user’s online behavior. By restricting the content types that can be loaded, the extension can also reduce the risk of browser exploits and other security vulnerabilities.

Overall, this extension can offer a more efficient, private, and secure browsing experience by focusing on the essential content of web pages and minimizing distractions.

For Web Developers

In addition to the benefits for general users, this extension can also be useful for developers who want to preview the HTML-only version of their web pages. By blocking non-essential content types such as scripts, stylesheets, and images, developers can focus on the raw HTML code and ensure that it is properly structured and semantically correct. This can be particularly useful for debugging and optimizing web pages, as well as ensuring that they are accessible to users with disabilities or older devices that may not support certain content types.

How to Use?

  • Install this extension from the Chrome Web Store or the Microsoft’s Edge Extensions Store (coming soon).
  • Pin the extension icon on the browser toolbar. (Refer this tutorial if you need help on this.)
  • Now, you can simply click on the extension icon to activate and deactivate the HTML Only mode.
extension's icon on the toolbar


While the Only HTML extension can improve browsing speed, privacy, and security, it may not be suitable for all websites or use cases. Some websites may rely heavily on external resources such as CSS and JavaScript to function properly, and blocking these resources could cause errors or missing content. You cannot browse sites like YouTube, Gmail, and Twitter without JavaScript and media support.

Google Search in 'Only HTML" Mode
Google Search in ‘Only HTML” Mode

In addition, some websites use images, graphics, web fonts or image-based icons that are not included in the HTML content, which could result in distorted or missing visual elements.

To optimize your browsing experience, we recommend enabling the extension only when you specifically want to browse the internet in HTML-only mode.

Currently, this extension does not offer any whitelisting sites option, but we may consider adding it in the future releases.

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