Microsoft Office Online Keyboard Launcher

“Microsoft Office Online” is free web service similar to Google Docs. It offers three web apps Word Online, Excel Online and PowerPoint Online along with OneNote. All these apps are free to use and you don’t need Office 365 Subscription or Office License etc. All your documents are saved to Microsoft OneDrive, and you can also connect your Dropbox account to save your documents right there. To use Office Online apps, you don’t need to install any kind of software to your computer – your browser is enough. Also, it works on other operating systems as well.

Keyboard Launcher Chrome Extension

We have created a tiny but useful Chrome extension for the Microsoft Office Online users: Keyboard Launcher for MS Office Online. It enables users to launch Office Online Apps just with a keyboard command. This extension adds three keyboard shortcut commands in Google Chrome to quickly launch these web apps. For Word Online: Alt + W, Excel Online: Alt + X and PowerPoint Online: Alt + P. Install this extension from here.

microsoft office online shortcuts

These keyboard shortcut commands would help power users to easily access the Office Online apps. I prefer Word Online and PowerPoint Online over the Google Docs and Spreadsheet apps. Hope users would find this tiny extension useful and productive.

Change Keyboard Shortcut?

As told above, the default keyboard shortcuts are Alt + W for Word Online, Alt + X for Excel Online and Alt + P for PowerPoint Online. But, if you prefer, you can easily change these shortcut commands and choose your own keys combinations. Follow this tutorial for changing the keyboard shortcuts offered by this extension. Moreover, you can change the default keyboard shortcuts of other extensions following the same tutorial. Just ensure that the new key combination shouldn’t conflict with other installed extensions or system commands.

You should also try our another cool extension for Office Online: Open with Office Online. This extension enables users to open online and publicly accessible documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations with Microsoft Office Online.

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