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BrowserNative maintains many extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and other Chromium-based browsers. This page provides information about our Microsoft Edge extensions published on the official Microsoft Addon store.

microsoft edge extensions

Install Chrome Extensions in Edge

As Edge and Chrome are based on the same open source Chromium project and share common extensions APIs, Edge users can use almost all extensions made for Google Chrome. Edge users can install Chrome extensions from the Chrome Web Store directly (see this article for more information). This is why we have not published our all Chrome extensions to the Microsoft Addon store. Browse the list of our Chrome extensions, and install them from the Chrome Web Store on your Edge installation.

Our Edge Extensions

As explained above, technically, there is no need to maintain separate Microsoft Edge extensions, and publish them on Microsoft’s Add-on Store. Yet, we have published some of our extensions on the Microsoft Addons Store for the ease of the users:

Important Instructions

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