Markdown Editor for Windows, Mac, Chromebook – Chrome App

The “Markdown Editor App” is a simple but powerful Google Chrome App for working with Markdown and other text based file formats. It is a basic Markdown editing tool, which works even offline. You can install it on Chrome on Windows, Linux, Mac and ChromeOS (Chromebooks).

It also supports few keyboard shortcuts like CTRL + P for showing HTML preview of the entered Markdown text. You can open Markdown and other text based files with it. On ChromeOS, it can be set as the default application for dealing with markdown files.


Install it from Chrome Web Store.

If you are new to Markdown and looking for a very basic Markdown tutorial, read our free “Markdown Guide” ebook available on Google Play.

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Posted by Arpit Gupta

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2 Responses

  1. Heiskanen says:

    Nice app.

    Surprised to see the cool user interface in the latest update. Well done.

  2. Henrik Ginny says:

    brilliant app, works smoothly. great job!

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