Mail My Tabs

The Mail My Tabs is a browser extension to quickly email all open tab URLs to yourself or anyone else. It is available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and other supported browsers. It is also supported for Firefox on Android.

How To Use?

To start using the Mail My Tabs, first install it for your browser. Users can install it from Chrome Web Store, Mozilla’s Firefox Add-ons Gallery and Microsoft’s Edge Add-on Store. Once installed successfully, you can notice its icon on the browser toolbar, as shown in the following screenshot for Chrome:

mail my tabs button

Click on this icon, and it should launch a new Gmail compose tab with list of all open tabs’ URLs.

send gmail

You can also use the keyboard shortcut alt + m.

mail my tabs keyboard shortcut

Customize Extension Options

By default, this extension supports Gmail but you can customize extension settings and use any other email provider (like Outlook etc.) or any email client installed on your device (like Thunderbird etc.). For this, you need to visit the options page of the extension. Chrome and Edge users can easily open the options page by making a right click on extension’s icon on the toolbar. Right click on the icon on the toolbar, and select “Options” as shown in the following screenshot:

chrome extension options settings

Firefox users can follow this guide to change the extension options.

On this options page, you need to change the Mail Service settings (as shown in the following screenshot), which is set to Gmail by default. This would set the extension to open email just like a mailto: link, which should be handled by the default email handler client assigned on your browser or device.

default email client settings

Provide Default Recipients, CC and BCC

Users can also provide default recipients, cc and bcc addresses on the above options page. The provided addresses will be automatically pre-filled in their respective fields while composing the email.

Like Mail My Tabs?

The Mail My Tabs is a light-weight, privacy-friendly and productive browser extension. It doesn’t log your browsing history or any other data. It simply connects users with their default emailing clients with list of open tabs URLs. If you like this extension, please rate it 5-stars on Chrome Web Store and Mozilla AMO. For any feedback or suggestion, leave a comment below or email us at

7 thoughts on “Mail My Tabs”

  1. Great add-on (thank you!) but I’ve noticed today that it struggles with long lists of URL character and symbol codes e.g. Japanese characters, producing a bad request error with Gmail. Other than that it works very well. Thanks again.

  2. how can I set up send emails using Microsoft Outlook on Windows? I’m using the latest Edge browser and your mail my tabs extension. It opens only in Gmail?

  3. It is simply incredible that your extension does not produce a title & url list! Format:




    This is most necessary!

  4. I would like this better if it linked only one particular tab, for example when I want to send a news story or other info to someone

  5. thanks for creating this. better than my current extension Email All Tabs which doesn’t work in all cases. just one feature request if it could also include tabs in incognito mode. good job.

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