Download Instagram Images and Videos

Instagram Downloader is a simple and light-weight Chrome extension. Users can use it to save images and videos from

Install it from Chrome Web Store, and open any Instagram page in a new tab. You would notice that extension’s icon turns active on all Instagram pages. Click on this icon, and within few seconds, you would be prompted to save the current image or video.


Note that the download works only on the pages showing a single image or video. Don’t expect it to work on user profile pages etc.

Update: Recent version of Chrome has totally messed up extension icons. That’s why the icon of this extension now appears on the browser toolbar, and not inside the address bar, as shown in the above screenshot.

This extension doesn’t depend upon any third-party service, and connects directly to Instagram. If you like this extension, please rate it 5⭐ on the Chrome Web Store. Facing any problem or have any feedback? Leave a comment below, or email us at browsernative.apps[@]

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Posted by Arpit

Arpit is a web enthusiast watching browsers for long. He maintains several browser-based tools including many popular extensions. Follow Arpit on Twitter, or email him at

18 Responses

  1. Prince says:

    Works great. Well done!

  2. Amish Mistri says:

    works great …. thanks Arpit :)

  3. jana says:

    works brilliantly. thank you for this free extension for instagram.

  4. Mari says:


  5. Arpit says:

    @Mari: It works only on the individual photo or video pages, and not on user profiles and other types of pages. For example, visit: and hit the button in the address bar – it should download the photo.

  6. dmitry says:

    no works, why ?

  7. shriya says:

    working perfectly!

    I was looking for a tool to download Instagram videos – and finally got this one. Thank you :)

  8. Prack says:

    Works brilliantly for downloading videos and images from Instagram.

    Just wanted to report a recent issue. All my Chrome extension icons are now showing up on browser toolbar. This is true for this extension as well. Not a major problem though.

    Thanks for creating this.

  9. James M says:

    Thanks for creating and actively maintaining it. I was using another instagram extension but that stopped working recently. I looked for several others, but no luck.
    finally tried this, and it works smoothly. 10/10

  10. Teak says:

    Nice tutorial… how for uploading via laptop?

  11. Lauke says:

    do you have any trick or tip to upload instagram images from desktop computer? how can I upload instagram images from desktop computer, specially Windows? Any browser based solution like your this extension??

  12. Shrubby says:

    Doesn’t download new type of posts with multiple pictures in them, otherwise works great for single pictures or videos.

  13. glen says:

    can i view deleted photos on Instagram with this app extension?

  14. Arpit says:

    @glen: No, Sorry.

  15. Remy says:

    Brilliant extension. I use it all the time. Great job!

  16. Vineet George says:

    Please add support for multiple images and videos posts. Instagram now allows uploading multiple items to one single post, but your extension downloads only the FIRST item in such posts. Add option to download all items in such posts.

    I would rate it 4.5 out of 5.

  17. spartakidd says:

    this app is so kool

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