Download Instagram Images and Videos

The “Image and Video Downloader” is a helpful Chrome extension to download images and videos from Let’s see how to install and use it.

To begin, first install this extension from Chrome Web Store in your browser. It supports Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers like Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, Brave etc.

Once installed successfully, open any Instagram page in a new tab of the browser (or refresh any previously open tab). Now, to download any image from Instagram, simply right click on it and select the option Save as shown in the following screenshot:

instagram downloader

To save a video, first play it and then right-click on it and select the option Save as above. This extension works for multiple images and videos published in a single post.

This Instagram downloader extension doesn’t depend upon any third-party service, and connects directly to the Instagram. It is a lightweight, privacy-friendly and to-the-point extension, which doesn’t track users in any possible way. The latest version of this extension has been forked from InstaSee by Chris Panayotoff.

If you like this extension, please rate it 5⭐ on the Chrome Web Store. Facing any problem or have any feedback? Leave a comment below, or email us at browsernative.apps[@]

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57 thoughts on “Download Instagram Images and Videos”

  1. I wish to download multiple items from a single post. I can go from one to the next (PIC) right clicking and saving. But…, If there are videos in the post, Right clicking does nothing. So if I right click on the three dots (In single video posts, this works for me), it keeps coming up with the address to the first file in the post. Or it comes up with some file that has no extension, which I cannot download because of “Filed – Network Error” errors. Can you tell me if I’m doing something wrong? Or if this can be remedied, avoided, or averted?

    Thanks for making this program!

  2. I installed the extension but cannot find where it saves the photos to in Win 10 with Chrome. Also could not find a way to create a save directory. Hope you can help

  3. works only for images, fails for downloading videos. Please correct this. I’m first playing the video and only then trying to download as told in this article.

  4. Thanks for creating this wonderful extension. No need to use any website.

    Please add an option to save the instagram captions along with the images and videos. Caption text could be saved automatically when downloading any image.

  5. It can’t download all instagram photos at once, but it works for individual photos and videos. Could you update your chrome extension to download all instagram photos at once?

  6. How can I download all instagram photos at once using this Chrome extension? It is really painful to download one picture at a time.

  7. good instagram video downloader chrome extension. my only issue is that one needs to play the video before downloading it, but that’s acceptable . Thanks for your work.

  8. Hi. your extension works fine to download instagram videos and images, but it doesn’t download instagram tv IGTV videos. Can you please add support for downloading instagram tv IGTV videos downloading?

    thanks again for this good instagram downloader!

  9. @barry: looks like some jpeg codec issue. As other programs are able to open the downloaded file, it must be Photoshop CS5 specific problem then.

  10. Love this easy to use App. Allows me to download the images so simply and saves them as a jpg.

    Unfortunately Photoshop CS5 wont open them as it says there’s an invalid JPEG marker however every other program I try works well.

    Any ideas ?

  11. it does works. but not like what i expected…i wish to download/save photo(s) directly by click on the add-on, but what i could do is to save it as a webpage, then open the webpage to save the photo as PNG file…(i can’t even change the format…?)

  12. Ah, yes! Thanks Lucio! When I checked it the other day, it said it was up to date. But I just checked again and it updated from Version 78.0.3904.87 to 78.0.3904.97 and now the extension works as intended 🙂

  13. I just updated my “google chrome” and went to test the extension and it worked, when I go to a photo or video I right-click and “Save” the extension appears.

  14. The new version is not working for me. I do not see a “save” option when I right-click on an Instagram photo, and when I try the old red extension icon, it just takes me to the page talking about the new version. I only have the old “save as” option that attempts to download the html page. I have brought my pc up to date and rebooted several times (I’m on Windows 10). My Google Chrome is up to date. What else can I try?

  15. After updating this extension, I can no longer download photos or videos from Instagram. I right click on the photo I want to download and “Save” does not appear in the extension.

  16. Thanks for latest version of this extension. now I can download multiple items from a single post. This makes it the best instagram downloader extension available on chrome.

  17. you should make it so when you press the down arrow key on an image it downloads it, just cause of you use the right and left arrow key you can cycle through and then quick download with one key. just a suggestion

  18. @nor: You need to change the default program to open images on your computer. Nothing to do with this extension.

  19. your extension works good for the posts having single image. But it doesn’t work for Instagram posts having multiple images and videos. Please add support for downloading multiple instagram images and videos posts.

  20. i downloaded but i cannot open directly in photoshop. i had to open in paint first to save again then i can open. why is that?

  21. is there any Instagram tool or extension follow all or to use it to follow maximum people at once on Instagram????

  22. Please add support for multiple images and videos posts. Instagram now allows uploading multiple items to one single post, but your extension downloads only the FIRST item in such posts. Add option to download all items in such posts.

    I would rate it 4.5 out of 5.

  23. Seems to work no longer, did instagram changed something in the background (the links to the pictures)?

  24. I’m not a techie kind of person but I was hoping this tools for instagram would allow me to post photos from my laptop to Instagram. Is this possible? If not what is the use for Tools for Instagram? I don’t see any icon as described in above instagram-downloader post.

  25. Doesn’t download new type of posts with multiple pictures in them, otherwise works great for single pictures or videos.

  26. do you have any trick or tip to upload instagram images from desktop computer? how can I upload instagram images from desktop computer, specially Windows? Any browser based solution like your this extension??

  27. Thanks for creating and actively maintaining it. I was using another instagram extension but that stopped working recently. I looked for several others, but no luck.
    finally tried this, and it works smoothly. 10/10

  28. Works brilliantly for downloading videos and images from Instagram.

    Just wanted to report a recent issue. All my Chrome extension icons are now showing up on browser toolbar. This is true for this extension as well. Not a major problem though.

    Thanks for creating this.

  29. working perfectly!

    I was looking for a tool to download Instagram videos – and finally got this one. Thank you 🙂

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