Incognito This Tab Firefox Extension

Incognito This Tab is a useful extension for Mozilla Firefox browser. It enables users to quickly open the current tab in incognito mode, and removes that tab from browser history. Install it from Mozilla Add-on gallery.

How To Use

Once you have installed it successfully, you would notice its icon on the toolbar, as shown in the following screenshot. Click on this icon to open the current web page in an incognito window.

firefox extension toolbar button

By default, this extension closes the current tab after opening it in the incognito mode and removes it from your browsing history. But you can change this behaviour and set the extension to not close the current tab and remove from history. This can be done by visiting Firefox’s Add-on page, as described in this article.

Keyboard Command

firefox extension keyboard shortcut

This extension also offers a keyboard command: Alt + I. It is much faster than using the toolbar button. Moreover, you can also use the context menu (right click menu) option to use this extension. Right click anywhere on the web page, and select the option “Incognito This Tab” as shown in the screenshot below:

firefox extension contextmenu option

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Chrome Alternative?

If you are a Chrome user, we have a similar extension for you: Go Incognito. This extension is currently in beta due to a bug in Chrome extension APIs. Explore our other extensions for Google Chrome and other browsers.

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