Incognito Search Plus Extension

The Incognito Search Plus extension for Google Chrome and other supported web browsers is a tiny tool for incognito search on Google. It enables users to quickly search on Google using the incognito mode of browser. By searching in incognito mode, Google can’t serve you personalized targeted results, and the search queries are not recorded to your associated Google account. Moreover, the search result pages are not logged to your browsing history as well.

How to use?

To begin using this extension, install it from this Chrome Web Store page. Once installed successfully, you can use it in two ways:

  • Select any text and right click on it. Now, use the option “Incognito Search for …” in the appeared menu as shown in the following screenshot:

incognito search

  • Type i in the address bar (omnibox) of Chrome and hit the space bar. This will trigger the extension in the address bar. Now, type your search query and press enter key (watch this video for help).

incognito search chrome omnibox

Extension would load the search result pages in a new incognito window. Thus, these pages wouldn’t be logged to your browsing history. Also, because the incognito mode is a different browsing environment, Google can’t associate these search queries with your Google account open in the normal browsing windows. Hence, these items wouldn’t appear in your Google Account Search Activity.

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