Import Bookmarks To Microsoft Edge From Chrome and IE

The default web browser of Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, currently lacks several important features extremely essential for a proper web browser. There is no support for browser extensions, but as the Edge team has promised, extensions would be supported in future releases. Similarly, there is no option for importing browsing data like saved passwords, browsing history, cookies, sessions, autofill entries etc. from other browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Thankfully, you can easily import your saved bookmarks (favorites) to Microsoft Edge from Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. We hope to see option for importing other browsing data in coming days.

Import Bookmarks

To import your bookmarks from Chrome or IE, visit the Settings from the menu (click on the three dots just below the close button, and choose Settings). Now click on the option “Import favorites from another browser” as shown in the following screenshots:




As you can see in the above screenshot, there is an option to toggle the bookmarks bar (favorites bar). Use this setting to show or hide the bookmarks bar in Microsoft Edge. You can also use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + B to toggle the favorites bar.

Now, you should see the list of other installed and supported browsers, which should include IE and Chrome (if installed on your computer). Select browsers as per your need, and click on the Import button.


This should successfully import all saved bookmarks from other browsers to Microsoft Edge. You can now manage your favorites, and start using them in Edge.

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