How To Install Extensions for Microsoft Edge?

With the recently released “Anniversary Update” of Windows 10, Microsoft Edge browser has got support for browser extensions similar to Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Although, the extensions are limited in number, you can find several popular and useful extensions like Adblock Plus, LastPass, Office Online, Evernote Clipper, Save to Pocket, Reddit Enhancement Suite, Mouse Gesture, Pin It Button for Pinterest and Amazon Assistant.

Microsoft is yet to open its Edge extension platform for all developers. That’s why only few extensions are available at the moment. Moreover, these Edge Extensions are distributed through the Microsoft Store app bundled with the Windows 10.

How To Install Extensions in Microsoft Edge Browser?

You need to have the “Anniversary Update” of Windows 10 installed. This update has been released on 2nd August 2016, and will be rolled out over a few weeks. Once you get the latest Windows 10 update, you are all set to install browser extensions in the Edge browser.


To browse the list of available extensions – click on this link – which should launch the Store app, if you are on Windows 10, and open the extensions page. Now, select any extension and click on its install button, as shown in the following screenshot.


You can start using that extension after successful installation.

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