How To Change Chrome Extensions Keyboard Shortcuts

Many Google Chrome extensions and apps offer keyboard shortcuts to easily perform certain tasks. For example, users of Facebook Share Button extension can use the keyboard shortcut Alt + S to easily share any webpage on Developers of such extensions and apps can decide the appropriate keys combinations for their extensions using the chrome.commands extensions API.

Chrome allows users of such extensions and apps to modify the default keyboard shortcut commands set by the developers. Users can easily see and change the keyboard commands offered by all installed extensions. For this, first open the Extensions page either by typing chrome://extensions in the address bar, or by navigating from the Chrome menu (Menu > More tools > Extensions). Now, scroll to the bottom and click on the “Keyboard shortcuts” as shown in the following screenshot.


This would open a panel with all available keyboard shortcuts. Users can see these commands, and change them to their preferred combinations.


While users can set any key combination with CTRL, ALT and SHIFT keys, one shouldn’t use the common key combinations to avoid conflicts. For example, CTRL + T is used by Chrome to open a new tab, so users shouldn’t use this combination for any extension or app.


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