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Forget the old but popular Devanagari (Hindi) fonts like Mangal, Kruti Dev etc. Google has released an awesome Unicode supported font, Noto Sans, for Devanagari script which can be used for languages like Hindi, Sanskrit, Nepali, Marathi etc. Noto Sans is free-to-use, and also available for web through the Google Web Fonts, which means that it can be used by websites to display their Devanagari script content on supported desktop and mobile browsers.

The following screenshot shows a sample text in different styles of Noto Sans Devanagari font:


To try out Noto Sans yourself, visit its Google Fonts page here.

Download Noto Sans Devanagari

You can download and install Noto Sans Devanagari fonts from this link (TTF files). This linked ZIP file contains four files: NotoSans-Bold.ttf, NotoSans-BoldItalic.ttf, NotoSans-Italic.ttf and NotoSans-Regular.ttf. These files corresponds to the regular, bold, italic and bold italic variants of the Noto Sans font. Unzip the file content, and open all the four files one by one to install. Once installed on your computer, you can use it within the programs like MS Word on Windows.

An alternate way to download and use Noto Sans and other Google Web Fonts is to use SkyFonts service by, which automatically updates fonts on changes (when a new character is added or an existing character is updated in the font file).

Noto Sans font is pre-installed on Chromebooks, so the ChromeOS users don’t need to worry about it. Moreover, Noto Sans font family is not limited just to the Devanagari script. It is aimed to support all major languages and scripts including Arabic, Bengali, Gujarati, Gurumukhi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Thai and Urdu.


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