Insert Snippet in Gmail – Privacy Policy

The Insert Snippet in Gmail extension by BrowserNative is a Chrome extension for Gmail users. You can read more about it on its homepage here.

The above extension has been developed and maintained by BrowserNative. Just like our other browser extensions, it doesn’t track or log users’ browsing activities or other browsing data. Read our detailed privacy policies for extension and apps.

The above extension uses a third-party library, InboxSDK. This is a brilliant JavaScript library for creating browser extensions and apps for Gmail and Inbox by Google.

How It Works

The above extension, Insert Snippet in Gmail, inserts its content script in the Gmail tab. Along with this script file, the InboxSDK script is also injected in order to utilize its feature. The InboxSDK script loads certain JavaScript files from its server. This is a crucial step. As the remote JavaScript files are loaded and executed from a third-party server, users might be concerned about security and privacy.

We trust the developers at InboxSDK. The InboxSDK team is behind Streak –  the popular extension for Gmail. Apart from Streak, the InboxSDK is used by several big companies for their browser extensions including Dropbox.

Not Sure?

If you are not comfortable with executing remote JavaScript code in your Gmail tab, we would suggest you to not use the above extension. Uninstall it from your Chrome installation to stop using it.

For any clarification or query, feel free to contact us at