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Google Web Light is a compression proxy service offered by Google. It is aimed for mobile devices having slow internet connection. It transcodes web pages to a compressed and optimized version, and hence results faster web browsing experience with saving bandwidth consumption.

Google announced this service in April 2015, and claims that the Web Light optimized pages load 4x faster and use 80% less data than the original pages. Google has now integrated Web Light compression proxy in the search results on mobile devices in few countries like India, Indonesia and Brazil. Whenever Google Search detects slow internet connection on a mobile device, it serves result pages through the proxy.

Thankfully, one can use the Web Light proxy service even on the desktop platforms. Google suggests to use device emulation in Chrome to test out pages served through Web Light proxy, but that’s not necessary. To test it yourself, browse any public web URL formatted like[your_URL].

Chrome Extension

I’ve created a tiny extension for Google Chrome browser, which enables you to easily open the current tab and links via Google Web Light proxy. Use extension’s button on the toolbar, option in the context menu or the keyboard shortcut Alt + G.

google web light extension


google web light extension chrome


Install this extension from Chrome Web Store.

Note that the transcoding may strip down the page contents, and thus, page may not render as the original one. For example, here is the link to the transcoded output for this web page.

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Posted by Arpit Gupta

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  1. Payel Sinha says:

    Hi Arpit thank you for Web Light Proxy Chrome extension. Would you please share what are the other tools you manage?

  2. Arpit says:

    @Payel: you can find our other extensions and apps on this page:

  3. T Sorhus says:

    Thanks for adding keyboard command. Very useful.

  4. humaira arif says:

    please update the app like a vpn

  5. Divyanshu Devesh Agrawal says:

    good extension 🙂

  6. Muan Z says:

    Works great. Google web light is an excellent service by Google. It acts as a proxy, finally we have a reliable proxy site!

    thanks browsernative for this extension 10/10

  7. Gaurav Sharma says:

    Gud extension

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