Chrome Dinosaur Game Launcher

The Dinosaur Game Launcher is a small extension for Google Chrome and other supported Chromium-based browsers. It doesn’t offer any great functionality, it is just a launcher for Chrome’s offline dinosaur runner game. Click on its icon on the toolbar, or use the default keyboard shortcut Alt + Shift + D, and it would launch the dino game in a new tab. You can start playing the game by hitting the space bar key. Install the extension from Chrome Web Store.


Dinosaur Game

Whenever your network goes down, Chrome fails to load web pages and shows an error page (see the following screenshot). You can notice a small t-rex icon on this offline error page.


This t-rex icon is an Easter egg in Google Chrome, which is in fact a hidden runner game. You can start playing this dinosaur game by pressing the space bar key (for Chrome on desktop), or by simply tapping anywhere on the screen (for Chrome on mobile). Use the up arrow ↑ key to jump.

The Chrome dino game is very popular among the Chrome users. Last year, the Chrome team revealed in a blog post, “There are currently 270 million games played every month, both on laptop and mobile”. You can play this game on all supported platforms including Chrome on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, iPadOS and Chromebooks.

Not Just Offline

Thankfully, you don’t need to go offline to play this game. Users can visit chrome://dino page (type this in address bar and press enter key), and play it even when online. This page offers a full-window “arcade mode” for enhanced experience.

Our Dinosaur Game Launcher extension is just a handy launcher for the chrome://dino page. It enables users to launch the game just by clicking on its toolbar button, or the keyboard shortcut Alt + Shift + D. Users can change this keyboard shortcut command, and opt for a different combination by following this guide.

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11 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    how to play chrome dinosaur game? your extension opens the page button the trex dinosaur is not moving anywhere?

  2. Arpit says:

    @Mike: press the space bar key to start the game, and up arrow key to jump.

  3. Mike says:

    how to unblock this game? do you have any cheat code to win dinosaur trex game of chrome? I like to play it but it is very difficult after 300 score points. share your tips and hacks.

  4. Galloway says:

    good game for chromebook! +1

    there is sound as well!!

  5. John Currie says:

    @Arpit: thanks for the launcher and its keyboard shortcut. I have changed the default keyboard shortcut to just Alt + D following this guide : Thanks again!

    Just want to correct you: you don’t need to use up arrow key for jump. The space bar key is enough for playing this tiny game. Use spacebar for both actions, to start the game and jump.

  6. Timsy says:

    I’m trying to play this game on my school chromebook, but it doesn’t open. when I click on your extension icon or use the keyboard command … it open a page but shows an error that it is blocked. Nor the chrome://dino page loads. It looks like my school IT admin has blocked this game on our chromebook. Any help or hack to unblock it?

  7. Aufray says:

    read on news that chrome developers are adding more dinosaur like games including classic snake game to the chrome. Users would be able to play classic snake game on chrome://snake page, similar to the chrome://dino page

  8. Bernadette says:

    i tried to put it on my chromebook at school but it just always send error

  9. jackson says:

    for anyone on a school chromebook, make a second gmail account, and add it to the chromebook. that should work

  10. Malachi Jordan says:

    This is a nice game.

  11. >:( says:

    It dosnt work on Microsoft edge >:(

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