Go Incognito Chrome Extension

“Go Incognito” is a very useful extension for Google Chrome browser. It enables users to easily open the current Chrome tab in the incognito mode.

When you fire the extension (using its toolbar button, the context menu option or Alt + I keyboard command) it opens the current tab in an incognito window. Moreover, it closes that current tab, and removes it from your browsing history.

Install Go Incognito from Chrome Web Store.


How to Use?

To open the current tab in an incognito window, click on the toolbar button as shown in the above screenshot. Alternatively, you can right click any where on the web page and select the “Go Incognito” option present in the context menu.



Tip #1: Go Incognito offers a keyboard shortcut command: Alt + I. Use it to quickly open the current tab in the incognito mode. If this keys combination is not working for you, or you want to change it to some other combination, follow this guide.


Tip #2: By default, this extension closes the current tab, and removes it from the browsing history. But, if you like, you can set it to not close or remove it from the history. Visit extension’s Options page for setting up your choice. You can always change it later.

To change extension’s default options, right click on its icon on the toolbar, and select “Options” in the appeared context menu, as shown in the following screenshot. This should open the options page of Go Incognito.


go incognito chrome firefox

Tip #3: Users can allow this extension in the incognito mode from Chrome’s extension page (chrome://extensions) to enjoy the reverse functionality. Using this feature, you can open an incognito tab as a normal tab just by clicking the extension’s icon on the toolbar.

chrome incognito extension

This extension requires History permission from the users, which means technically it has access to your browsing history. This can worry some privacy-concerned users, but we would like to mention that this extension doesn’t access your browsing data. It needs history permission because it removes URLs from browsing history. None of our extensions track our users in any possible way. So, use it without any doubt.

Incognito This Tab

If you don’t want to grant history permission, we would suggest you to use our Incognito This Tab extension, which also opens the current tab in an incognito window, but doesn’t close the tab or remove it from history.

If you like this extension, please rate it 5★ on Chrome Store. Have any feedback or suggestion? Leave a comment below, or email us at browsernative.apps@gmail.com.

14 thoughts on “Go Incognito Chrome Extension”

  1. Using this extension after Amit Agrawal of Digital Inspiration (LABNOL) recommended this on his blog.
    Great tool for me. I run adblocker with heavy blocking on all websites. Now, if I face any issue due to adblocker on any web page, I click on this extension – and it loads that page in an incognito window where there is no adblocker running. So, it is going to be very handy for me. Thanks for creating this extension.

    I’ve just one request, please port this Go Incognito extension to the Safari browser. Don’t want to copy&paste URLs anymore.

  2. Can you give an additional shortcut to close the tab and delete history (no need to open incognito because I already have it open)?

  3. It would be nice as you enter a certain URL it automatically opens it in incognito mede as you defined it earlier in a list of URLs that you want to acces in incognito mode instead of having to swith yoursel to incognito mode all the times. Thanks.

  4. Great extension, but the shortcut (option + i) conflicts with a global shortcut on mac for ^ accents (â, ê, ô)….

  5. @Adam: Yes, that’s a known issue due to a bug present in Chrome. Please read the above article for more.

  6. It’s a great idea! However, I noticed that when I hit the button it does not clear the site from my browser history. I using Version 52.0.2743.82 on Windows 10.

  7. Can we get an option to remove the context menu option? The button in the menu is mandatory, but I don’t want/need both.


  8. … p.s. thanks for the great work! I recommend “Incognito This” to my friends and I’m sure I’ll be doing the same for “Go Incognito”!

  9. Could we have the icon for “Incognito This” and “Go Incognito” be different? I actually use “Incognito This” a lot for opening a new instance of the same web page with different log-in credentials (since a private session doesn’t share cookies). “Go Incognito” wouldn’t work for that purpose, so I plan to use both extensions simultaneously, only right now they look the same…

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