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The Insert Snippet in Gmail is a tiny Google Chrome extension for Gmail users. It enables users to quickly insert a text or HTML snippet into the email body while composing emails in Gmail. Users can set their custom snippet, and insert that to the email body just by clicking on the extension’s icon present on the compose bar, as shown below.

insert snippet in Gmail chrome

How To Use

To start using this extension, install it from this link. It works with Google Chrome, should be compatible with other Chromium-based browsers. Once installed successfully, you need to setup your snippet. For this, click on extension’s icon on the browser toolbar.

chrome toolbar gmail snippet

This should launch the options panel of the extension. Here you can provide your custom snippet. You can also choose how to insert your snippet: as plain text or as HTML. By default, it injects snippet as text.


You can use any valid HTML code to insert as snippet, but certain features may not available in the compose panel. Use any HTML editor to edit, preview and validate your HTML code and then use it as snippet.

Now, you are ready to use this extension. Reload your Gmail tab, and open the compose box to write a new email. You would notice extension’s button on the bottom bar of the compose panel (as shown in the first screenshot above). Click this button whenever and wherever you want to insert your snippet set in the previous step. Extension inserts snippet at the current location of the cursor in the email body (or  at the beginning if cursor is not present in the email body).

You can insert snippet multiple times. Moreover, the snippet can be modified anytime using the above mentioned steps.

Where To Use

We believe that the Insert Snippet in Gmail extension would be quite handy for the users. If you need to insert some specific text or html regularly in your emails, you must try out this extension. Although, Gmail has option for automatically inserting email signatures, but if you prefer, you can use this extension for inserting email signatures as well.

If you have any feedback or suggestion regarding the Insert Snippet in Gmail extension, feel free to leave a comment below or email us at Like this extension? Please rate it on Chrome Web Store.

Important: This extension uses InboxSDK, a third-party JavaScript library. Read our disclaimer here.

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  1. MCH says:

    I tried the following HTML snippet (an Amazon affiliates link with image of book cover) and it did not display (it was blank) in the sent message.

  2. Tom says:

    HTML does not work. text only

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