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Gmail Notifier is a tiny browser extension for Google Chrome. It runs in background, checks for new e-mails in your Gmail account, and shows a desktop notification whenever a new e-mail is detected.

gmail notifier

Although, Gmail itself shows notifications for new e-mails in supported browsers but this feature has one limitation, you need to have have Gmail open in a browser tab. So, if you are looking for an alternate solution which notifies you for the new e-mails even when Gmail is not opened in your browser, you should install this “Gmail Notifier” extension from Chrome Web Store. To avoid double notifications, you should disable Gmail’s built-in notifications from settings page.

Here is another screenshot showing the difference between the built-in notification of Gmail and the notification popup by this extension:



You can click on the notification popup to open the email in a new browser tab.

Feel free to comment below if you have any feedback or facing any issue. You can also e-mail me at browsernative.apps[@]

This extension doesn’t track your browsing activities or collect usage data, and is completely safe to use. Install it from Chrome Store.

Bonus: We have launched another useful extension for Gmail users: Quick Compose for Gmail. Read more and install from this page.

35 thoughts on “Gmail Notifier”

  1. Hello! I tried this and I loved it. it works well for me. before I always was late to respond to my emails but now I am not! thank you so much!

  2. Hello, I had only got this app today and I read the comments it seems good! some seem not to work for some people! I am just checking it out today because I am always late in emailing people when they ask questions and things and it seems much easier for me and so I can finish doing my school work and not having to worry about my email!

  3. It stays for a very short time, and I once was not at the computer, and as sone as I logged in the notification was gone!

  4. Yes, it work but need to improve . cos it gives notification after some time when i get mail . need to be as fast as possible

  5. @Gordon: The toolbar icon should be grayed out, that’s intentional, as this extension doesn’t need an active toolbar icon.

  6. Exactly what I was looking for! Good to see support for multiple Gmail accounts. Yay!! Thanks Browsernative developers

  7. Dear Arpit, I have installed the notifier and it works very well. Do you have a similar notifier for Outlook? It would be great. regards

  8. A few things …
    1) Ideally, the notification would be located in the Windows tray (e.g. like the Outlook envelope) rather than a pop-up with a “Ding !”, which is too much of a distraction.
    2) If the pop-up notification is the only means of notification that can be provided, there needs to be a way to disable the “Ding !”; it’s too much of a distraction.
    3) The amount of time the pop-up remains on the screen should be configurable.

  9. Dear Arpit, I have installed the notifier but see no way for it to log into my Gmail account. The options page is not available to open on the menu (constantly in grey). Also, does the notifier show a symbol on the Windows tool bar? That is where notifications are required, not in Chrome because, if Chrome is open, then my Gmail account is already open in a tab.
    Thank you for your help

  10. Sorry to mention but its not working for me. I got this installed today morning but have not received even a single notification so far despite many mails in my inbox…..

  11. would like to see an “options” with a repeat, adjustable time of notification and a sound… all with checkboxes….more user friendly
    I use this on a Acer c720 chromebook
    The best notifier i’ve seen…..Great work

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