Set and Go Chrome Extension

The Set and Go is a quite useful extension for Google Chrome browser. It enables users to set a tab, and quickly switch back to it later. Install it from this link.

How To Use

You can set a particular tab using the keyboard command Ctrl + Shift +S, and keep on browsing in Chrome using multiple tabs. Later, whenever you need to move to that particular set tab, just use the keyboard command Ctrl + Shift +K. Using the keyboard command Ctrl + Shift + S again in any other tab would clear the earlier tab, and set this other tab as the set tab.

Make sure these keyboard commands are not used by other installed extensions in your Chrome setup, else these commands wouldn’t work.


Change Keyboard Commands?

If you want to change the default keyboard commands for this extension, follow the steps explained in this article. Following the same steps, you can customize keyboard shortcut commands of other extensions as well.

Enable in Incognito Mode

If you want to use this extension in Incognito mode, enable it for incognito from the Extensions page of Chrome. Follow these steps to allow extensions in incognito mode.

We hope this extension would be useful for every Chrome users including students, researchers and developers. It would make you more productive in dealing with multiple tabs.

If you find this extension useful for you, please rate it 5-stars on its Chrome Store page. Thanks for your support. Have any suggestion or feedback? Feel free to leave a comment below or email us at Checkout our other Chrome extensions and apps.

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