Feedly Subscribe Button Chrome Extension

Feedly Subscribe Button” is a very useful Chrome extension for Feedly users. It simply places its icon on the toolbar. Whenever, it detects RSS or Atom feeds on any web page, its icon becomes active. Users can now click this icon, which will take them to Feedly.com with the option to subscribe that feed.


Technically, this extension is a fork of “RSS Subscription Extension” by Google with three changes: It is a dedicated extension for Feedly and doesn’t support multiple RSS readers as by the original extension. It doesn’t hijack raw RSS URLs (like this one). And, it directly connects users to the Feedly without showing up an intermediate subscription page.

How To Use

Install it from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, visit any web page which offers RSS feeds (for example, this blog offers RSS feeds, open this page in a new tab or refresh) and you would notice that the extension’s icon on the toolbar turns active, as shown in the above screenshot. Click on this button to subscribe feeds offered by the site.

If no feed is detected, the icon appears grayed out.

Bonus Tip: YouTube.com offers RSS feeds for the channels. You can subscribe your favorite YouTube channels in Feedly using this extension. When on a channel’s homepage, click on the extension’s button on the toolbar – and you will be directed to Feedly with the option to subscribe that channel.


This extension doesn’t track your browsing activities or usage in any way. Have any feedback or suggestion? Leave a comment below, or contact us at browsernative.apps@gmail.com.

Posted by Arpit

Arpit is a web enthusiast watching browsers for long. He maintains several browser-based tools including many popular extensions. Follow Arpit on Twitter, or email him at editor@browsernative.com.

4 Responses

  1. James says:


  2. Stacey says:

    The other extension “follow feed” takes me forever to load. I’m glad this one works for me finally. Thanks a lot dev team!!

  3. Fred Rocha says:

    Good job, guys.

    Surprised Feedly doesn’t support this out-of-the-box.

    Any talks with them, guys?

  4. Ben Lind says:

    It’d be great if there was an option to exclude displaying Comments feeds.

    Say a blog has two feeds: Posts and Comments. If I have the “ignore comments” option enabled, when I click the green Feedly button it should _automatically_ open the Posts feed, without showing the feed selector tooltip.

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