Facebook Share Button Chrome Extension

The Share Button for Facebook extension enables users to easily share web pages and links on Facebook using extension’s button on the browser toolbar or option in the context menu.

It has several cool features:

  • Click on its toolbar button to share the current tab on Facebook.

facebook extension options

  • Use keyboard shortcut command Alt + S to quickly Share the current tab on Facebook.


  • Right click on any link and select the option “Share on Facebook” in the appeared context menu to share that link on Facebook.
  • The sharing link would open in a popup window by default. Users can change this behaviour and set it to open in a new tab (see this video for the steps to change the setting).

  • This extension connects directly to the Facebook.com, without any intermediate service or authorization. Hence, it is 100% privacy friendly.
  • The Facebook sharing page offers many options to post the content. You can post the content on your own timeline, on a friend’s timeline, in a group or on a page you manage.

facebook sharing options in group or timeline

Users can install this Share Button for Facebook extension from here.

Note: After installing this extension, reload all opened tabs or restart the browser.

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26 thoughts on “Facebook Share Button Chrome Extension”

  1. This Chrome Extension was great while it worked but now it is totally nonfunctional. Looks like there is a long history of the same experience with others. I used it frequently but get no solution to the problem from support.

  2. This app has broken for me but not for everyone (not for my husband). When I try to use the app to share something from twitter, for instance, or from the washington post or many other sites I normally share that way and even if I attempt to use the washington post’s own links to share to facebook, an error comes up to say that the domain is not listed in the app and that I have to add all the domains… a box with red print. I tried copying the link that hubby uses for the older fashioned book mark we used before the apps were created, but that did the same thing. However, for YouTube, the share works fine on facebook.

  3. @Teresa: Tested again, and can confirm that the sharing window still has the option to share in a private message. Please recheck at your end.

  4. 2019 Sept 27 extension is no longer sharing to private message. The pop-up launches, but there is no longer a list of connections to choose to create a private message share.

  5. @Chronia: you might be trying it on a previously loaded tab (tab loaded before installing this extension). Open a website in a new tab, and try again – it should be working fine!

  6. This was great for a while but has now stopped working. It gives me an error “URL Not Found: We had trouble using the URL you provided. Please try again later.” I tried disabling and re-enabling the extension, and restarting Chrome but no go.

  7. Hey Arpit,
    Thanks for making and sharing this extension, it’s exactly what I wanted. Many times the pages that have a social media link will create an ability to share but doesn’t let one specify how to be shared. That is, to select “Share on a Friend’s Timeline” or “Share in a Group” etc. and this extension takes care of that for me. Thanks again for taking the time to make this and publishing it, I truly appreciate it!

    As a suggestion introduced in the form of a question: Would it be possible to create an additional setting that would change the default sharing “location”? To clarify, is it possible for you to add a setting within the extension that, when the pop up appears after the extension is clicked, rather than “Share on your own timeline” being the initial selection, have it automatically switch to another option such as “Share on a page you manage” or “Share in a group,” for example?
    I imagine it’s a bit more challenging because the extension doesn’t go through any intermediate service or authorization, so my guess is it would have to be a script or something being activated. I’m no programmer so I wouldn’t know (hence the question form of my suggestion) but I hope it’s possible!

    PS A step further would to be able to automatically select which group or page one wants to share it in. But presumably, that’ll likely require more permissions I guess (to read what groups/pages an individual has access to).

    I’m also open to suggestions for creating my own client side script if you have any alternatives in case this wouldn’t work or doesn’t sound as an appealing/useful feature. But as reference, I primarily use your extension when researching for a group and I have to constantly change the share location and then type out the group name, in part, until the drop down menu shows the instant search result of the group I want to post in. Perhaps there’s a setting on Facebook that I have not yet discovered. Anyhow, please let me know your take! Thanks again!

  8. Clicking the button on any other page does absolutely nothing. Only being on actual Facebook site, does it pop up a sharing window but offers the Facebook page sharing only. Am I doing something wrong? The same thing happens with the native Facebook button designed by them.

  9. Thanks a lot for adding keyboard shortcut. Now I don’t need the toolbar button or the menu option.


  10. Help. I’ve been using Facebook Share Button Plus on a Mac love it. It has stopped working. When I click on it to share a page, it brings up a page I shared several days ago. Tried the Facebook Share Button and it is doing the same thing.

  11. Love this simple but cool extension. Only issue is that the sharing window has stopped closing automatically, but that’s not a major problem. I use CTRL + W to close it quickly.

  12. I have the closing bug too but I think it must be something related to Chrome since it started with 48 stable and it’s still present in 49 stable. Hopefully Google fixes this

  13. Any way to put an option to quick-post? Just post with no comment added or confirmation needed?

    Great extension!

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