How To Uninstall Browser Extensions?

In this tutorial, we will learn the steps to uninstall browser extensions in leading web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Users can easily install the browser extensions from the official extensions stores of the browser vendors. Sometimes, a user may not be happy with an installed extension, and wants to remove it from the browser. Uninstalling extensions from the browser is very easy and requires just few clicks.

Uninstall Chrome Extensions

uninstall chrome extensions

To uninstall any Chrome extension, right click on its icon on the toolbar, and select “Remove from Chrome” option in the appeared menu as shown in the above screenshot. In next step, confirm the removal prompt (see the screenshot below).

remove chrome extension

Uninstall Firefox and Edge Extensions

Users can uninstall Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge extensions just like the Chrome extensions. Right click on the toolbar icon, select remove option in the appeared context menu, and then confirm the uninstallation.


If you are not satisfied with any browser extension (or any product in general), you should contact the developer of that extension. Users feedback always help the developers to improve their product. If you have any feedback or suggestion regarding any of our browser extensions, please email us at

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