How To Change Default Settings of Firefox Extensions?

Many Firefox extensions allows users to change some default settings offered by them, or let them set their custom preferences for some settings. Let’s see how can you change the default settings of Firefox extensions.
Note that not all extensions have this feature, so it would work only for the extensions having options to change settings.

Change Default Settings

If your desired extension has a button on toolbar, it becomes much easier. Just right click on its icon on the toolbar,and select “Manage Extension” in the appeared contextual menu as shown in the following screenshot:


This should open the management page for that particular extension. Now, look for three dots on the right side. Click on it, and select “Options” in the appeared menu. This opens extension’s options page, where you can check and change the offered settings.


If you don’t see “Options” option in the appeared menu, then this particular extension doesn’t offer any customization from user end. In this case, there is no way to change the default behaviour of the extension. If you are looking for some specific changes, you should contact the developer of that extension, and request to make changes.

No Toolbar Icon

If the desired extension doesn’t have a toolbar icon, you can still change the default settings. Open the Add-on Manager page of Firefox by using the keyboard command Ctrl + Shift + A, or entering about:addons in the address bar. On the add-on manager page, you should find the list of all installed extensions with the above like three dots in front of every extension. Go ahead, click on the three dots and select “Options” in the appeared menu, just like the previous case.

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