Change Default Settings of Browser Extensions

Many browser extensions allow users to change the default settings offered by them. For example, our Screenshot extension saves screenshots in PNG format by default, but users can change this default setting, and opt to save screenshots in JPG format. This feature of browser extensions enhances their functionality.

In this tutorial, we will learn the steps to change the default settings of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge extensions. For Firefox extensions, please refer this separate article, which guides the users to change settings of Firefox extensions.

Step 1: Right click on the extension’s icon on the browser toolbar. This should show a context menu, like the following screenshot:


Step 2: Notice the “Options” in the above menu (“Extension options” in case of Microsoft Edge). If this particular extension offers some user-configurable settings, only then this “Options” entry will be activated. For example, in above screenshot, the “Option” option is active, which means this extension has some settings which can be changed by the users. If an extension developer decides to not offer any user-configurable setting, this “Options” option will be grayed out (see the following screenshot):


Step 3: Click the above “Options” or ‘Extension options” entry in the appeared context menu. This should launch the options page of the extension, where you would be able to change the settings. For example, in case of our above Screenshot extension, the following options page would load in a new tab:


Once you have changed the settings as per your choice, save the settings and you are done!

If your favorite extension doesn’t offer any user-configurable setting, you should contact the developer of that extension and suggest them to implement the required features.

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