Quickly Disable and Enable Chrome Extensions and Apps

The “Disable Chrome Extensions and Apps” is a Google Chrome extension which enables users to easily disable and then re-enable installed extensions and Chrome apps. Users can install this extension from this link, and use its toolbar button (shown in the following screenshot) or the keyboard command Ctrl + Shift + E to disable and enable the extensions and apps. Moreover, users can whitelist certain extensions and apps to remain unaffected by this extension. These whitelisted extensions and apps wouldn’t be disabled or re-enabled by this extension.


How To Use?

As mentioned above, click on the extension’s button on the toolbar – and it would turn red and disable all the other installed extensions and apps in your Chrome setup. You can also press the Ctrl + Shift + E keyboard shortcut command for this action. To re-enable the extensions and apps, click the toolbar button or press the same keyboard command again – and your previously disabled extensions and apps would be active again.



To whitelist certain extensions and apps, visit Options page of this extension. For this you can right click on the above toolbar button, and select Options in the appeared context menu as shown in this tutorial. On this Options page, you would find a list of all installed extensions and apps which are allowed to be disabled and enabled. You can now whitelist your preferred items. The whitelisted items would remain unaffected by this extension.


This whitelist feature is very useful in several cases. For example, a user may want to temporarily disable all the installed extensions and apps except few essential ones.

Known Issues

One known issue with this extension is that after re-enabling the extensions, their position on the browser toolbar may change. If you have placed any icon in the Chrome menu (to hide it), it may re-appear on the toolbar after re-enabling.

Currently, the Disable Extensions and Apps extension is available for Google Chrome browser, but we would launch Opera and Firefox versions soon. If you have any feedback or suggestion, leave a comment below or email us at browsernative.apps@gmail.com. We would appreciate your feedback and support.

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