Dell Charging £16 for Firefox Installation

Apparently, Dell is charging £16 for Firefox installation on newly purchased computers. As reported by The Register, Mozilla is now investigating the case where Dell offers “Mozilla Firefox Web Browser Installation” service for £16 (around $27).

It is important to mention here that the Firefox is a free and open source product, and anyone can download and install it on supported platforms from Mozilla’s website. Such kind of paid instillation service violates Mozilla’s licensing terms.


The issue was reported by a reader of The Register, with the above screenshot. While the Dell is yet to respond the case, Mozilla’s legal team is working on it.


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Article published on March 5, 2014, Last updated on .

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2 Responses

  1. XBT says:

    Well, they are paying for the installation “SERVICE”, not for the browser.

  2. Arpit Kumar says:

    @XBT: AFAIK, Mozilla’s licensing terms don’t allow that.

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