Close and Remove from History

The “Close and Remove from History” is tiny browser extension for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. It closes the current tab, and removes it from the browsing history.

How To Use

Install it from Chrome Web Store, Mozilla’s Add-on store or Microsoft’s Edge Add-on store. It should work properly with other Chromium-based browsers like Brave and Vivaldi. Once installed successfully, you can notice its icon on the browser toolbar as shown in the following screenshot:

close and remove from history

Click this icon whenever you want to use the extension. The “Close and Remove from History” extension closes the current tab and deletes the URL from the browsing history.

Keyboard Command

This extension offers a keyboard command, Alt + W, to quickly use it. Press the Alt and w keys together to close and forget the current tab. if this command is not working for you, or you want to customize it, follow this tutorial.

More Ways To Use

Apart from the toolbar button and keyboard command, you can use it from its context menu option. Right click anywhere on any web page, and choose the option as shown in the following screenshot:

remove from history chrome extension

Firefox users can use it from the browser’s tools menu option and the context menu appearing on the tab strip (tab bar):

firefox history delete extension tabstrip context menu

If you find this extension useful, please rate it 5-stars on extension stores of Chrome, Edge and Firefox. For any feedback or suggestion, leave a comment below.

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