Close All Tabs in Chrome Except the Current Tab

The Close All Tabs is a small extension for Chrome power users. Using this extension, you can quickly close all open tabs in all open windows at once except the current tab. Install it from here, and you would notice its icon on the browser toolbar. Hit this button whenever you want to close all tabs, and within a second, it would clear everything.


Keyboard Command

Apart from the toolbar button, this extension also offers a keyboard shortcut command Alt + W – which makes it much easier to use. Just to remind you here, keyboard command CTRL + W closes the current tab in Chrome.


Incognito Tabs and Windows

Chrome blocks all extensions in incognito mode by default. So, Close All Tabs doesn’t close incognito tabs and windows by default. If you want to enable this functionality, simply allow this extension to run in incognito from the Extensions page, as shown in the following screenshot:


Once you enable this extension in Incognito, it would start working in incognito mode and close all incognito tabs and windows along with the normal non-incognito tabs and windows.

Install this extension from Chrome Web Store. If you like it, please rate it 5-stars on the store. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any feedback or suggestion.

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