Close All Tabs Extension

The Close All Tabs is a small browser extension for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. Using this extension, users can quickly close all open tabs in all open windows. Moreover, users can configure this extension to close pinned tabs and incognito tabs as well. Install it for Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

How to use?

Toolbar Button

After installation, you would notice its icon on the browser toolbar. Chrome users need to pin the extension icon on the toolbar first. Learn how to pin extension icons on the toolbar.

Hit this button whenever you want to close all tabs, and within a second, it would clear all open tabs in all open windows.

close all tabs extension

To change this default action of closing all the tabs, open the options page of this extension. In Chrome and Edge browsers, right click on its icon on the toolbar, and select “Options” as shown in the following screenshot. Firefox users can follow this article.


From extension’s options page, you can decide the default action of the extension:

  • Close all tabs, and open a new tab page (default)
  • Close all tabs except the current tab
  • Close all tabs only in current window, and open a new tab
  • Close all tabs only in other windows including pinned tabs (thus, close other windows)
  • Close all tabs (including pinned tabs) and exit
  • Close all tabs, and open a particular URL

You can also decide if you want to close pinned tabs using this extension, which is disabled by default.


Keyboard Command

Apart from the toolbar button, this extension also offers a keyboard command Alt + W – which makes it much easier to use. If this keys combination is not working for you, or you want to change this keyboard command, refer these links for the required steps:

close tabs keyboard shortcut extension

Context Menu Options

Apart from the toolbar button and keyboard shortcut, this extension also offers context menu options to quickly close tabs as per your preferences. Right click anywhere on a page, and choose the action as shown in the following screenshot:


Close Incognito Tabs?

If you want to close incognito tabs (private browsing tabs) using this extension, you need to allow this extension to run in the incognito mode. Follow these tutorials for this:

Once you enable this extension for incognito mode, it would start closing incognito tabs along with the normal non-incognito tabs.

If you like this tiny tool, please rate it 5-stars on the Chrome Web Store and Mozilla AMO. If you have any feedback or suggestion, leave a comment below or email us at

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19 thoughts on “Close All Tabs Extension”

  1. Since recent Chrome update now can’t keep playing youtube videos displayed in a popup if we close the related tab (which was possible before), I think it would be legit to add a optional list of “domain names” not to close their tabs

  2. Great extension, does exactly what I was looking for.

    The icon looks dark on a dark skin, feature suggestion is to make it bright on dark skins.

  3. Hi. I love this extension, but 1 option is missing.

    That is Close all tabs only in current window (expect current one) WITHOUT opening new tab

  4. @Mayank: Chrome on Android doesn’t support extensions.

    @Kenneth: It has more options, like close all tabs and then open a particular URL, close all tabs only in current window etc.

  5. Just tried this extension. How is it different from the close other tabs chrome option, which is built-in the Chrome (right click on the tab strip to see the menu)

  6. this extension works good on windows chrome, but how to close multiple tabs on chrome android? does Chrome not support this extension on Android? chrome web store android extensions are not showing on phone. Help?

  7. Thanks for this – it works great – one slight adjustment (if possible) would be to adjust the “Close all tabs, and open this URL:” field so that it accepts URLs starting with “file://” rather than just “http://” and “https://” (or just have a “redirect to homepage” option) – I have a locally stored homepage which ideally I’d like it to redirect to, but can’t at the moment. Thanks for your hard work on this, use it every day!

  8. @Tom: Looks like the Vivaldi browser has two different things: new tab page and start page. The start page is the one you are mentioning – page with speed dials, background images etc. The new tab page is same as the default new tab page of Chrome. This breaks several Chrome extensions, specially those customizing the default new tab page of Chrome (like this popular extension by Google

    This “Close All Tabs” extension opens the new tab page of the browser. As Vivaldi doesn’t offer its own custom extensions APIs, there is no way to help you here. Sorry.

  9. Does not work as it should.

    Close all and open default page always gets me to google and not to my default speed dial page, and I find no way to tell it to get me there.

    Using vivaldi 2.10

  10. Well, I like it. I was looking for something like this for some time and for me it’s a boon – keeping the latest tab open is what I want to do.

  11. This extension does not close all tabs. It works as the “Close Other Tabs” extension.

  12. Leaving current tab open kills usefulness. Should have option to open home page in lieu of keeping current tab alive.
    Can do same thing, without extension, by right clicking Vivaldi tab and close other tabs then click home to get desired page….same number of clicks. Would be super useful to me if all tabs closed leaving my home page open. Thanks!

  13. I love this extension. But it does not work with Chrome Canary 73.0.3633.0.
    Would you like have a check?
    The symptom is the shortcut key does not work and clicking the extension neither.

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