Click and Clean Chrome Extension

The Click and Clean is a browser extension for Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers. It enables users to quickly delete their browsing data like currently open windows, browsing history, cookies etc. with just a single click. Install it from Chrome Web Store to use it.

How To Use?

This extension is very easy to use: just click on its icon on the toolbar as shown in the screenshot below, and it would delete your browsing data. Users can also use the keyboard shortcut command Ctrl + Shift + E for the same purpose.

click and clean button

By default, the Click and Clean deletes browsing history, saved cookies, downloads history, cached files, saved forms data, plug-ins’ data along with websites’ App Caches, local storage data, indexedDB, WebSQL and file systems data. It also closes all windows and tabs, and launches a new tab in a new window. But users can customize this behavior and select only few data items to be deleted.


Customize Options

Users can easily change the default behavior of deleting all browsing data items. For customizing extension’s options, follow these steps:

  • Right click on extension’s icon on the toolbar
  • Select “Options” in the appeared context menu
  • This should launch extension’s Options page in a tab.

Now, you can decide which browsing data should be deleted by this extension. Check this video for visual guide to the above process.


Keyboard Shortcut

As mentioned above, you can also use extension’s keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + E. Please make sure that this keys combination is not conflicting with other extensions. If the Ctrl + Shift + E combination is not working for you, or you want to change it to some other combination – follow this guide


Incognito Windows

By default, the Click and Clean extension closes all normal windows and tabs. If you want it to close open incognito windows as well, allow the extension in incognito mode by following this guide.

If you like this extension, then please rate and review it on Chrome Web Store. For any feedback or suggestion, email us at or leave a comment below. Check our other extensions for Chrome, Firefox and other supported browsers.

Posted by Arpit Gupta

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2 Responses

  1. Charles Bond says:

    I am a Website developer and SEO professional. I use Chrome, Chromium, Firefox and Samsung Internet Browser (SIB) is more popular and widely used than Firefox or Safari, and SIB works on all brands of Android phones.

    I use and love Click and Clean in Chrome and Chromium, but I prefer using Firefox the most, followed by SIB.

    Do you, or will you, have a version of Click and Clean for Firefox and/or SIB?

    Also, do you have a donation page where I can contribute to you financially?

  2. Niko says:

    Please add auto-cleaning after closing the browser.

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